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Domino Confguration Tuner

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The Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) provides easy-to-use self-service configuration analysis for more robust installations and better performance of Domino servers.
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A single IBM Lotus Domino server includes thousands of configuration options. The Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) provides best practice analysis as well as worst practice disclosure. DCT helps reduce total cost of ownership by assisting in the identification of existing configuration problems.

DCT evaluates server settings according to a growing catalog of best practices. All servers in a single domain can be evaluated together. DCT generates reports that explain the issues that are uncovered, suggest mitigations, and provides references to supporting publications. DCT also provides Domino support staff with a base-line assessment when initiating customer engagements.

This first revision of DCT looks at settings in Server documents, the NOTES.INI file, and database properties. Configuration settings are flagged when their values are known to cause problems based on prior customer experience. Out-of-range and unexpected values are reported so that undefined behavior can be prevented. Suggested adjustments help administrators achieve known server performance improvements.

Watch the Domino Configuration Tuner video tour (with audio).
View the Domino Configuration Tuner on-line presentation.

Domino Configuration Tuner is available to any customer free of charge. It works with Lotus Domino server 7.0 and later, and runs on the Lotus Notes client, standard or basic, version 8 and later. There are no required changes to a customer domain configuration in order to take advantage of DCT evaluation.

Installation Instructions

Domino Configuration Tuner is delivered as an Notes Template File (NTF).

Download the DCT NTF file to your Notes Data directory simply by clicking on the HTTP download option in the following
Download package table. Then, create a DCT.NSF database using the NTF file, and open that database with Notes 8.0 or higher.

Download package

DownloadRELEASE DATELANGUAGESIZE(Bytes)Download Options
Domino Configuration Tuner01/06/2009US English8388608HTTP
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Messaging ApplicationsLotus NotesWindows8.5, 8.0

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