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Domino- Low Cost of Ownership

Low cost of ownership
Lotus software
Lotus Domino

Free your administration staff to increase their focus on strategic initiatives for your organization. IBM® Lotus® Domino® software integrates features that helps minimize administration requirements, helping to keep your overall cost of ownership low.
With Lotus Domino software, you can choose from a wide variety of supported platforms, so you aren't locked into a specific vendor or server architecture. Deploy a broad range of configurations to help deliver the right mix of costs, energy usage, floor space, and administration requirements to meet your IT strategy.
Administration burdens are eased with Lotus Domino domain monitoring (DDM), a problem determination resource that provides a view of the overall status of multiple servers across one or more domains. Visual indicators display problems that are most critical, those that are resolved, and those that are not - so your staff can recognize critical server and client issues within minutes.
Server misconfigurations, performance bottlenecks and security issues across Lotus Domino domains can require a minimal amount of administration with Lotus Domino configuration tuner (DCT). Leveraging a growing catalog of best practices. DCT generates reports that explain the issues uncovered, suggested mitigations, and references to supporting publications so deployments are more robust and experience better performance.
Download Domino Configuration Tuner
Help desk visits can be minimized with Smart Upgrade technology that performs upgrades of IBM Lotus Notes® software from a central location. And you can empower end users to recover their own passwords through the Notes ID vault that helps manage and maintain Lotus Notes IDs without impacting the security of the ID file.
And taking advantage of leading edge collaboration technology is green and easy, as upgrades to new releases of Lotus Domino software don't always require a complete upgrade of your server platforms, operating systems, and directories.