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What new in Notes 8.5

Elevate collaboration and enhance efficiency with tools that empower usersto take action, create and share knowledge, and collaborate with teams.
Tag the documents in IBM Lotus Notes• ® software that you know you’ll use again and share them with your colleagues.1
Tap the knowledge capital within your organization and expand • personal networks based on people’s roles and other criteria.2
Let in-boxes provide the impetus and the content that can be used to • find focused search results, quickly getting you to the information you are looking for.3
Find information directly through widgets and live text support on the • Linux® and Apple Mac operating systems.

Maintain greater control over your schedule by integrating professional • and public calendars into a single, easy-to-use view.4
Quickly share business contacts across platforms.•


            Collaborate the way you want, with Lotus • Notes 8.5 support on the Apple Mac and Ubuntu platforms.
            Provide broad support for roaming users • and potentially reduce the need for dedicated laptops by enabling users to move across clients with their Lotus Notes desktop and preferences intact.
            Enable expanded support for mobile • devices including Nokia S60,5 Apple iPhone,6 Microsoft® Windows® Mobile and other devices
Drive greater business value
Help drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings by streamlining your existing business processes and eliminating roadblocks.

Empower developers
Deliver new applica­• tions quickly with adevelopment environ- ment built on Eclipse technology, which helpsimprove navigation andprovide developers witha means of integratingthird-party tools.7
Use XPages rich Internet application capabilities to create • compelling Web applications while writing little to no code.8

Boost IT performance
Address the host of issues you face daily, including security, environmental and budget pressures.

Go green
Potentially save 40 to 60 percent of disk space with compression • (your results will vary), potentially helping your business reduce energy consumption from physical disks and input/output (I/O).
Minimize redundant file attachments and I/O with the new IBM Lotus• ® Domino® attachment and object service (DAOS), which uses a separate repository on the Lotus Domino server for attachments.
Potentially improve performance through I/O and CPU reduction • for commonly used Lotus Domino server tasks.
Minimize user burdens through optional shared sign-on with • Microsoft Windows software.
Easily manage users’ Lotus Notes ID files via the Lotus Notes ID vault.•
Preemptively protect your e-mail infrastructure from spam, viruses • and other threats originating on the Internet—before they reach your Lotus Domino servers.9